Maps & Directions

In 1978, an agreement with the Southern Railway Company granted the Museum a total of sixteen miles of track stretching from West Baden, Indiana, approximately one mile north of French Lick, to a small town, Dubois, to the south. The remaining track south of Dubois and extending through Jasper and into Huntingburg is owned by the Dubois County Railroad. In Huntingburg, the railroad interchanges with the Norfolk Southern Railroad line.

Spirit of Jasper Train Route
0.00Jasper Train Depot
5.10Bridge # 647 – 135 ft. Steel Truss
7.80Bridge # 649 – 135 ft. Steel Truss
8.60Dubois, IN
9.50Bridge # 651 – 62 ft. Girder
10.4Bridge # 652 – 135 ft. Steel Span Truss
11.1Bridge # 653 – 150 ft. Steel Span Truss
12.0Crystal, IN
13.5Bridge # 655 – 62 ft. 6 in Girder
14.1Bridge #656 – 60 ft. Girder
15.3Cuzco, IN
17.2Norton, IN
17.4County Line (Leave Dubois County; Enter Orange County)
19.4Burton Tunnel – 2217 ft. Arched Tunnel
24.8French Lick Depot